Everyone can draw.
Drawing is something ordinary and in the same time unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable.
It is dimension of the sign in his borning state, the first fixed of a human gesture.
It is give alive a world, outside us.
Project and creation.
Vision and revelation.
To get it is not enough to exercising, it must be lived.

Because there are two differtent ways to draw a Mountain:
One is in the distance,
from the valley;
and the other is walking over it.


Drawing Research Lab is a project to share, develop and promote the practice of drawing. It is understanding as a social tool of thought, creativity, emancipation and commitment.

We think drawing is a pre-disciplinary activity, innate in every human being. It’s a economic and affordable instrument that can affect every social and professional context.

DRL takes drawing as research field of reality and its conections. The lab explores the performative processes inherent in the action of draw.

The act of drawing identifies relationships between things, it discovers their structure, it recognizes their essential qualities and the values we associate to them.

The act of drawing is both imagination and planning, redefinition of reality on its new possibilities, invention.
And this is the heart of DRL.

DRL program triggers a significant change in both the way that the act of drawing is perceived than in the personal attitude of those that participate.

From art to communication, from education to social, through exchange of practices and experimentation that surpass the limits of conventional languages and techniques; the goal of DRL is to weave and accumulate potential and knowledge both individually as collective in order to open new frontiers on the experience.

Digital print
60 x 50 cm
Lineas manifestadas

DRL intended develop the innate graphic that everyone carries with himself, his personal trait.

As it is addressing a wide audience, DRL tries to refine methods and collect results to be showed and exchanged.

DRL pays particular attention to the relational and expressive processes, even from the technical side of the lab.

For those who live a daily relationship with drawing, DRL tries to penetrate more deeply into the creative process, while for those who do not use the drawing professionally, promotes accessibility and innovation, through workshops and events in public and private contexts.

It becomes also a useful tool in the development of a virtuous circle of good practices.

DRL, trought drawing, intervenes in the business, the social and the territory to build bridges and ensure the conservation and development of culture, providing a medium to express themselves and enter in network.

DRL is an occation and a way to learn how to draw ourself.

Image by Mario Gemin / Club del dibujo at TMDG 10,MDP.

Since 2009 DRL takes drawing as research field of reality and its conections. The lab explores the performative processes inherent in the action of draw.

Born with the creation of scripted and instructions for drawing and arrive to involve others people, becoming a program of collective action and social interaction.


In 2010, It reaches in the construction of objects related with the search of new typologies of lines and graphic qualities.

Some of them are everyday objects like tools that intervene during the drawing performance. Others are outcomes of the experiments with its own architectural and spatial identity. In these ones the inherent quality of the drawing gesture have been materialized and acquired a sculptural or installed aspect.

In this way DRL enlarges the cognitive spectrum of drawing: In one hand increases its possibilities of abstraction, simultaneously and in the other hand, it goes further in the research of new linguistic constructions, seeking each time absolute coherence and autonomy.

In between these two opposite borders of drawing it extends the renewal tightrope of the drawing language itself.
DRL walks over it.

Ruler for drawing irregular lines   2010
Plastic ruler intervented
32 x 4 cm
DRL opens the way also to other collaboration practices. It try to give life to new public languages, where people participate in a “making together” and where everyone becomes generator of creative potential and bearer of social capital. It naturally flows in a net work that contributes to training for a open mind.
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Club Del Dibujo Mar del Plata

Club Del Dibujo Rosario

Club Del Dibujo Barcelona


For require further information,
dossier and proposals,
please send an email to:

Sebastián Zabronski


Drawing Research Lab

Sebastián Zabronski


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Writing project
Amerigo Nutolo
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Exe 00 - # 01
Ink on paper
21,5 x 17 cm

Lineas manifestadas
Digital print
60 x 50 cm

Draw! Workshop and exhibition.
Officinadellumbria2010. Trevi.

Club del Dibujo at TMDG10.
by Mario Gemin. 2010. Mar del Plata.

We are seismograph
Drawing group meeting
Sharewood studio. 2011. Berlin

Ruler for drawing irregular lines
Plastic ruler intervented
32 x 4 cm

Drawing table
Table and graphite
70 x 70 x 70 cm

Artist studio

All immage are by DRL
except those indicated.

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